The shortest route to Apple Maps

What exactly is MAPPS?

MAPPS is a free Joomla! extension and is the easiest way to show an Apple Map on your Joomla-based Website - if you are a registered Apple Developer.

Yes, you do need a paid Apple developer account for this extension to work. But don't blame us for that. It's the way Apple intended - at least for the moment.

But if you have one, feel free to use the MAPPS extension to put a full working Apple map based on mapkit.js1 in any module position of your Joomla! template within minutes.

What MAPPS is NOT!

MAPPS is in no way a possibility to get around the authentification system Apple implemented for its web services. You must use your own JSON Webtoken for mapkit initializations and you are bound to the (very generous) limits Apple defined for this service.

MAPPS is also not built for selling Apple maps to your clients. Apples' terms explicitly forbid sublicensing, publishing, transfering, selling, or redistributing access to or use of the service. So don't install MAPPS on a clients' website and charge a monthly fee for using your token! Just a well meant advice from us.


So, to sum it up: MAPPS shows a map. Not more, not less. But it comes without all the privacy intruding stuff like the one from a well known internet Giaant. If that's what you came here for, feel free to